Second project consortium meeting in Choczewo (Poland)   Second project consortium meeting in Choczewo (Poland)

The second SEEMORE consortium meeting was held in Choczewo (Poland) on the 3rd and 4th of December 2012. All partners discussed about the evolution and status of the project, and especially about the local framework workshops celebrated in each participant region. A special focus was made on how to implement and monitor the SEEMORE action plans in each demonstrator area. Moreover, partners had the opportunity to participate in an “evaluation training session” (organised by FGM-AMOR), in order to unify evaluation criteria and get partners involved in the continuous monitoring of project indicators. The meeting included a site visit to the Pomerania’s seaside dune system, analysing how tourists can reach these beautiful areas in a sustainable transport mode.

January 2013

Contact: Lluís de Victoria Ramis

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